CWB Mutual Funds

CWB CoreTM Mutual Funds

Two strong funds. One smart strategy.

Exclusive, established and locally managed by Adroit Investment Management, the CWB Core Mutual Funds offer a straightforward way to earn solid returns. Since their inception in 2001, both funds have established track records of lower volatility and relatively strong performance.

The CWB Core Mutual Funds are comprised of:

  • The CWB Core Equity Fund, a consistent performer made up of quality equities listed on major North American stock exchanges. This fund may be right for you if you’re focused on long-term returns and capital preservation.
  • The CWB Core Fixed Income Fund, which has a goal of preserving capital while generating interest income. This fund may be right for you if you’re a low-risk investor requiring an income stream and the ability to make regular withdrawals from your portfolio.

For more on the portfolio managers and their investment approach, visit Adroit’s website.

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